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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Social Care Devolution in Greater Manchester provides a landmark opportunity for Trafford to take control of decision making. We are currently in the process of developing a fully integrated health and social care system that will focus its precious and finite resources where they will ultimately have the biggest impact, through prevention.

Trafford’s early adoption of the Greater Manchester Population Health Plan is ensuring effective prevention services are in place and will be accessible for the borough’s most vulnerable population. We are embracing ambitious GM health targets such as the reduction of smoking by a third and to increase the proportion of residents who are active or fairly active to 75%.

Addressing inequalities are a key priority for the Council and outlined in our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Healthy life expectancy in the most deprived areas in Trafford is around 16 years lower than in the least deprived. We recognise the opportunities to address these inequalities through action on the social determinants of health and are working with our partners to improve early child development, reduce poverty, support older persons to be independent and socially connected, and take action on air quality.

Our integration with the CCG, as well as our strong partnerships with public health providers, will enable us to take on these challenges with confidence.